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Welcome and thank you for choosing to learn baby massage with me virtually.

I'm Elisa, owner of Baby Bear and I love baby massage! 

Baby massage is suitable from newborn up to any age! My 4 year old still loves to be massaged. But, if your baby has been unwell or has a medical condition, please consult your GP or specialist before starting the course. 

 Over the 5 sessions, you will learn baby massage to settle, soothe, relieve teething pain, aid wind, colic and constipation. Encourage tummy time and lots of opportunity to bond and connect with baby. 

Baby massage is based on the positive benefits of nurturing touch for babies. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through touch you can communicate security, love and trust. Practising baby massage can help both you and your baby relax and fall in love with each other: Love creates love.

As well as the 5 recorded sessions, you have bonus content too. Including 

* Play ideas

* Reflexology for baby 

* Relaxing playlist 

* Guided meditation 

* Nurture Journal to download

* Pdf handouts of every session

* Access to a private facebook group for extra support 

* Some little extras too!

Being able to offer these sessions virtually has many benefits. 

You can pick and choose which sessions to do, depending on what suits baby that day. Plus you can watch as many times as you like within the 3 months subscription. This page is best viewed on a computer or large screen. 

Please read the safety precautions, before starting any of the videos. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on i'd be happy to help. 

If you'd like to join our private members group to connect with other parents please follow the link below . 

I hope you and your baby enjoy the course as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you. 

Love Elisa xx

Safety Guidelines

Avoid massage if your baby has : 

Acute infections




Undiagnosed lumps and bumps Contagious disease

Serious skin complaints


Recent haemorrhage



Childhood leukaemia

Brittle bones

Open cuts and sores


 Benefits of

Baby Massage 


Baby massage can help to soothe and calm your baby. It can help with tummy problems, teething pains, colds and congestion and with dry skin.


Baby massage releases “cuddle chemicals” which can help your baby relax. When babies relax, studies have shown that they can sleep better and have a greater appetite which can enhance general health and promotes weight gain.


Baby massage boosts the circulation of blood, delivering nutrients to help strengthen muscles and joints. Skin contact stimulates the nervous system helping develop connections in the brain.


The Gift of touch 

 Baby massage offers a way to get to know your baby and to communicate how much he or she is loved and respected. Early positive interaction and responsive care is vital for babies, helps them adjust to the world from the womb and enables you to fall in love with each other


What you need to get started 

Massage oil 

I use pure pressed organic sunflower oil at my classes. But coconut oil is great, Some mums have oil from having their placenta encapsulated . This is wonderful too. 

I recommend doing a patch test of the oil you choose to use on babies wrist 24 hours before using it to massage with . 

You can also dry massage babies. 

I wouldn't recommend using a man made oil like Baby oil as this can clog babies pores and could cause a reaction.


Choose a blanket for baby to lie on, have a cushion or rolled up blanket to prop baby on for the back massage or if they have reflux this can help too. 

Make sure the room is warm, especially as babies are going to be stripped off! 

There are no harsh lights above babies eyeline , 

the atmosphere is calm and relaxing for both of you. 

Have a toy to hand or comforter for baby to play with if needed. 

Ensure you are comfortable too, using a cushion to sit on or wall to lean on if needed. 

When is a good time to massage baby?

Choosing the right time to massage baby is really important. The sessions must always be baby led. Follow your babies cues, and stop srart the session as and when you need to. 

Generally 15-20 minutes after a feed, when babies are in thier happy and alert state is a good time for massage. Also after the bath and before the bedtime feed can be a great time as massage is very relaxing and often helps babies sleep. 

We won't massage a sleeping baby or a baby who is upset.  

Baby's Grasp

Baby massage 

Face, Chest, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet Massage Developmental Play Ideas

Baby massage 

Chest, Arms, Tummy, Legs and Feet Massage  and Scarf Play!

Baby massage 

Learn beautiful baby massage for the chest, arms, hands, tummy, legs and feet. With scarf play too! 

Baby massage 

Full Body Massage - Back, Face, Chest, Arma, Hands, Feet, Legs and Tummy Developmental Games

Baby massage 

1st March 

Learn beautiful massage for 

Tummy, legs and feet.

Plus some action songs too. 

Baby massage 

Full Body Massage Action Songs Cuddle Time and Reflection

Music for baby massage 

Music is such an important part of my classes. 

It really sets the tone and atmosphere. 

I play classical chillout music. 

I hope you enjoy it too! 

Guided meditation 


Week 1: Legs and feet 


Week 2: Tummy massage


Week 3: Chest & Arms 


Week 4:

Face and teething routine


Week 5:

Back massage 


Week 1 Legs_Mobile Version Babybear Mass

Week 1 

Legs and feet 

Week 3 Chest, Arms & Hands_Mobile Versio

Week 3 

Chest and arms 

Week 5 Back_Mobile Version Babybear Mass

Week 5 

Back massage 

Week 2 Tummys_Mobile Version Babybear Ma

Week 2 


Week 4  Head & Face_Mobile Version Babyb

Week 4 

Head and Face 

Cute Planner

Nurture Journal

Have you used a journal before? I have found writing my thoughts and feelings in a journal , a very useful tool to help process my thoughts and emotions , but also remind myself that my feelings are valid and important too. I have created this journal with you in mind! I hope it helps you and you and enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you . 


Bonus content 

I hope you have enjoyed the course, please click the link below to watch extra bonus videos for scarf play, reflexology and a bedtime baby massage routine too 


Please join our Private facebook group for extra support and to meet other parents too 

If you'd like to join me for another class, Baby yoga, nurture and play and more i'd love to welcome you xxx


Slow down mama, you are enough, you are amazing xxx

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