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Welcome and thank you for joining me for our online  live zoom and recorded nurture and play classes. 

Links to join classes live on zoom will be listed below, then recorded and added so you can watch anytime. 

We will need different props each week, but these will be things you have at home. 

Throughout these sessions , 

there are activities to support visual development, introduction of textures, concentration, motor skills, balance,

bilateral co-ordination and so much more! 

As well as links to bonus play ideas and blogs to support your play at home. 

These activities are suitable from newborn to active babies and can be adapted for each age range. 

Love Elisa xxx


Safety guidelines

These activities are suggestions of how to engage your baby in play. They need to be carried out with adult supervision and you taking full responsibility for your baby during play. Please ensure that your little one is supervised with the toy at all times. Keep your little one in arms reach and eye sight when they are playing.

Cute Planner

Nurture jounral 


I believe that looking after mum, is just as important as looking after baby. I've created this journal just for you.

Journaling can be a wonderful way to note your thoughts, feelings, worries and stresses, especially during this transformational time of motherhood. My nurture journal is designed to help you think about the new you as a mum and the old you pre baby too. 

Click below for a free download to print 




Music is a really important part of my sessions, we use music during the guided play. I've listed the links for each recording below, so you can listen to the songs anytime. 

Bonus content 

I've included links to play ideas and videos to help support you and your babies play ! 

 The links below are full of play suggestions, ideas on activities you can do at home, repeat them, choose your favourites, miss a day, work around your family, there is no strict way to play.

Most importantly have fun!

Nurture and play 

  • You will need : 

  • Animal toy 

  • hand held ball or block or two toys that are handheld that your little ones hold different

  • – music toy or rattle

  • scarf or blanket 

  • basket or box 

  • mirror 

  • Meeting ID: 989 4714 9273

  • Passcode: 507063


Music week 

  • You will need : 

  • shaker bottle, box or tin (pop some rice, peas, coins, hair clips, or anything that makes a noise into a little tub, bottle or tin)

  • – small toy for tracking

  • – music toy or rattle

  • scarf or blanket

Teddy Bear Picnic

  • You will need : 

  • that’s not my book / touchy feely book ,

  • 2 different feel textures,

  • 2 different textured toys – links/ ball

  • Teddy bear 

  • anything to make a little play  picnic with ! 

  • Meeting ID: 989 4714 9273

  • Passcode: 507063

Under the sea theme 

  • You will need : 

  •  any sea/fish/ocean inspired toys
    a small toy

  •  a larger toy

  •  music instrument ( any noisy toy will do) 

  • Blue material ( towel or scarf) 

  • Bubbles 


Farm theme 

  • You will need : 

  • Book 

  • – safe space to play – mat, blanket, towel

  • – chiffon, muslin or scarf

  • – animal toy – any texture

  • – texture for under your toys, blanket, towel, fabric (two textures would be amazing)

  • – teddy bear

  • – music toy

  • – animal toy – different texture to bear

  • Meeting ID: 989 4714 9273

  • Passcode: 507063

Frog theme 

  • Blue or green material 

  • – music toy

  • scarf

  • 3 green or blue toys 

  •  basket or box 


Rainbow week 

You will need : 

  • two chiffons or scarves 

  • – book

  • – contrast cards / black and white baby book 

  • – A textured fabric

  • 2 single colour toys or objects from your home that are safe for your baby to play with e.g. links, star links, bath toys, colander, spoon

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