Baby Toes

Baby Massage

Here at Baby Bear and we love baby massage! 

Baby massage plus is suitable 6 weeks up to active babies!

 If your baby has been unwell or has a medical condition, please consult your GP or specialist before starting the course. 

This course is extra special, as not only do you have 4 weeks of Baby massage, you also have

*one week of pamper and play - where you receive a head, neck and shoulder massage, whilst we look after the baby! 

*Plus a swim session with water babies at Manna day pool !

 Over the course, you will learn baby massage to settle, soothe, relieve teething pain, aid wind, colic and constipation. Encourage tummy time and lots of opportunity to bond and connect with baby. 

Baby massage is based on the positive benefits of nurturing touch for babies. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through touch you can communicate security, love and trust. Practising baby massage can help both you and your baby relax and fall in love with each other: Love creates love.

With every course receive access to online classes, handouts, goody bag , Baby Bear Member's club card and bottle of pure pressed organic sunflower oil and a family photography experience with Venture photography, with a framed 7x5 image worth £245.