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How to make your own musical instruments !

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Music making with our babies can be so much fun! Lots of studies show that music has a profound effect on young children’s brains. New research shows that making music has even more developmental benefits than simply listening to music or observing someone play an instrument. This is one of the reasons why it’s so beneficial for babies and toddlers to experiment with musical instruments. More specifically, allowing them to play percussion instruments — those that are hit, scratched, slapped, or tapped

Research shows that when young children play with musical instruments, specifically percussion instruments, it can be very valuable to their development.

♥ Playing with instruments helps:

♥ Build fine and gross motor skills.

♥ Support sensory development.

♥ Enhance hand-eye coordination.

♥ Teach patience and perseverance.

♥ Accelerate brain development.

Drum and balloon shaker

You will need: ♥ Some empty, clean tin cans ♥ Rice/lentils ♥ Balloons ♥ Elastic bands ♥ Chopsticks/or spoons

1. Begin by putting a small handful of rice or lentils into an empty tin can. PLEASE make sure the tin can has smooth edges (you can buy tin openers that open tins without leaving a sharp edge).

2. Cut the end off the balloon and simply stretch over the end of the tin.

3. Secure the balloon with an elastic band. Enjoy lots of noisy fun!

You will need: ♥ a strong cardboard tube or plastic bottle with a lid ♥ Rice/lentils or pasta ♥ nails ♥ small hammer ♥ wrapping paper or tissue to decorate

1. Begin by tapping the small nails into the tube at random intervals until there is one every few inches or so. Not very technical, but it doesn’t really need to be!

2. The more nails you tap in, the longer it will take for the lentils or pasta to fall through, making the noise last longer.

3. Drop the beans/ lentils or pasta in.

4. secure the lid. ( use glue or tape)

5. Decorate!

Babies love the noise the rain maker creates, in can spark their imagination, creativity and a lovely way to make music .

Rainbow shaker

You will need: ♥ a strong cardboard tube / kitchen roll tube ♥ Rice/lentils or pasta ♥ paint or paper ♥ tape

1. Begin by tapping the end of the tube so the pasta doesn't fall out.

2. Add the rice or pasta.

3. Tape the other end up!

4. Decorate with pens, paper or paint!

Perfect for little hands to make some wonderful music!

Sound discovery bottles

You will need: ♥ Plastic bottles with lids ♥ items to fill that make noise! ♥ buttons, lentils, pencils, sequins, pom poms , paper clips - anything that will make a sound when shaken! ♥ tape or super glue the lid shut

1. Using a clean and dry bottle, fill with any houslehold items that make an interesting noise when shaken!

Mixing 2 items eg sand and buttons, will change sound too.

Creating different sounds for baby to explore and play.

Let me know if you try making any of the instruments. I'd love to see them!


Elisa x

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