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Material box play

I love this this idea and made one for Teddy when he was a baby. He loved pulling wipes out the pack so this was a great solution!

It's so simple and it saves your baby wipes from being wasted all of the time!

Find an old tissue box or a plastic baby wipe tub with an opening on the top.

Cut out some squares of fabric or use sensory scarves , even muslins! and put them inside for baby to discover and pull out one by one.

You could extend the activity by adding a small mirror at the bottom of the box so baby can see themselves too.

This activity is good for:

* exploring textures

* developing gross and fine motor skills

* exploratory play

* promoting creativity and curiosity

* saving lots of wasted baby wipes

For older babies and toddlers , try using an open box , show box or plastic tub, use elastic bands or string to make a web across the top.

Put the scarves in the box and let babies and toddlers explore puling the scarves out between the string.

Great for:

  • Fine motor skill

  • concentration

  • pincer grip

  • problem solving .

Let me know if you try them , tag @baby_bears_den in your pictures

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