Why Learn With Us?

At Baby Bear Massage and Yoga, you’ll receive a welcoming and  nurturing experience. 
We believe in the importance of positive touch, communication and love through massage and yoga for the healthy development of babies and children.
Our massage and yoga classes offers the opportunity to have special bonding time with your baby, learn new techniques to take home with you , to aid colic relief, support sleep and relaxation but also have fun! Baby bear classes are a great place to socialise and meet other parents too.


Why Baby Massage ?

Baby massage is much more than a method for simply relaxing a baby. It’s a means of communication in itself, drawing on the sense of touch, sight, sound and smell to help parents and their babies to get to know and understand each other.

Massage plays a huge role in developing that special bond between parent and baby, whilst also helping alleviate common baby ailments, such as colic, constipation and wind.

Key benefits for your baby

  • Promotes bonding and attachment

  • Promotes body-mind-spirit connection

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Increases sense of love, acceptance, respect and trust

  • Enhances communication

  • Improves body awareness

  • Improves relaxation and release of accumulated stress

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Strengthens digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems

  • Reduces discomfort from teething, congestion, wind, colic and emotional stress

  • Improves muscle tone co-ordination

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Increases hormonal function

Key benefits for you

  • Improves ability to read infant cues

  • Promotes bonding

  • Increase confidence in parenting

  • Increases communication-verbal and non-verbal

  • Improves relaxation

  • Provides quality time to share

  • Promotes parenting skills

  • Improves a sense of well being

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves overall health

This is great way to meet other Mums (or Dads) and share your experiences of parenthood. During the course you will be guided through the strokes and how to apply them properly on your baby. Each week we will work on a different part of the body, starting with the legs and making our way up to the head, face and back.

Babies are unpredictable and the needs of your baby come first so if you feel the need to feed, comfort or snuggle up with your baby, please do. You will not miss out on anything, we will go over the sequences from the previous week, in addition you will be given course notes to help you recap.

Baby Yoga

Why Baby Yoga ? 

The style of baby yoga taught is based on Hatha yoga – the union of balance of body and mind. We also incorporate dry massage, soft stretches and gentle movements making is a appropriate for babies, ensuring it’s a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and baby.

Classes can be taken from around 12 weeks, or at least when they can hold their own head up.  Younger babies can join and we can adapt some of the moves, however the minimum age would be 8 weeks.  Because yoga is quite interactive, you will find it benefits babies when they’re a little older.

Baby yoga is an interactive routine performed with a baby. Mums help baby into carefully developed movements that work well for baby’s tender body. The movements include gentle stretching of the limbs, practice of breathing by imitating their mothers breathing patterns.

Baby yoga has similar benefits with that of baby massage, including:

  • relief of ailments such as colic, reflux, constipation and wind

  • stimulation of the digestive system and circulatory system

  • relaxing and calming for both baby and yourself

  • improve sleep patterns

  • further develop bonding and communication

Yoga helps blockages of tension in the body. Tension can block the flow of energy and cause the body to tighten and become painful. For example, a colicky baby may have tension in the digestive system. Baby yoga can help relieve this.  Practicing baby yoga may have many benefits for babies. Here are just a few of the benefits you may see.

  •  Aids in strengthening the spine

  • Improves muscle condition

  • Imparts flexibility of the joints

  • Improves breathing and oxygen intake

  • Improves balance and co-ordination

  • Develops physical confidence, spatial and body awareness

  • Calms and relaxes both mother and baby

  • Improves relaxation and encouraging sleep for longer

Get in touch today to find out more about receiving an education at Baby Bear Massage and Yoga.