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Newborn baby massage 

Newborn baby massage is a wonderful way to settle, soothe, bond and connect with baby in these early days. 

Newborn massage is slightly different to my standard baby massage course. This is only a 20 minute routine, covering whole body, but specific areas to help settle baby. 

We also don't use any kind of massage oil on new babies skin. Their skin is still very delicate and I advise using dry massage over babies clothes for this routine. 


Benefits of 

Baby massage 

Baby massage can help to soothe and calm your baby. It can help with tummy problems, teething pains, colds and congestion and with dry skin.


Baby massage releases “cuddle chemicals” which can help your baby relax. When babies relax, studies have shown that they can sleep better and have a greater appetite which can enhance general health and promotes weight gain.

Baby massage boosts the circulation of blood, delivering nutrients to help strengthen muscles and joints. Skin contact stimulates the nervous system helping develop connections in the brain.


Choose a blanket for baby to lie on, have a cushion or rolled up blanket to prop baby on for the back massage or if they have reflux this can help too. 

Make sure the room is warm, especially as babies are going to be stripped off! 

There are no harsh lights above babies eyeline , 

the atmosphere is calm and relaxing for both of you. 

Have a toy to hand or comforter for baby to play with if needed. 

Ensure you are comfortable too, using a cushion to sit on or wall to lean on if needed. 



Avoid massage if your baby has

Acute infections




Undiagnosed lumps and bumps Contagious disease

Serious skin complaints


Recent haemorrhage



Childhood leukaemia

Brittle bones

Open cuts and sores

When is a good time to massage baby?

Choosing the right time to massage baby is really important. The sessions must always be baby led. Follow your babies cues, and stop or start the session as and when you need to. 

Generally 15-20 minutes after a feed, when babies are in their happy and alert state is a good time for massage. Also after the bath and before the bedtime feed can be a great time as massage is very relaxing and often helps babies sleep. 

We won't massage a sleeping baby or a baby who is upset.  

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