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  • Which class is suitable for my child?
  • What is your timetable?
  • Siblings
    Can I bring a sibling to class? Yes, but it depends on the class. Our toddler stay and play, Twin stay and play, Rhyme time and Family stay and play all have options to bring a sibling. For other classes , the sessions wouldn't be appropriate to bring a sibling. But please message us if there are exceptional circumstances , we will try our best to accomodate.
  • Location
    All of our sessions are held at our beautiful Baby Bear's Den . We are nestled behind Streatham house Nursery , on Victoria Rd West , Crosby. L23 8UQ We have our own entrance, pram parking and plenty of on the road car parking too. We are situated only 7 minutes walk from Blundellsands and Crosby train station. 5 minutes walk from College road and Moor lane.
  • Refunds
    I can't make 'X' week of my course or class , can I have a refund? Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a refund for weeks that you cannot attend. Refunds incur a number of additional costs , which leaves us out of pocket. As a small business, this is not sustainable. However, we do understand that things can come up and unforeseen circumstances can happen. So we happy for you to offer your place to a friend and charge the for it . In these instances, we ask that you please let us know of the person attednign in your place . So that we are aware and can give them a warm welcome. I can't make ' X ' class , can I swap? Our refund policy is we require 48 hours notice to refund or change a booking. This only applies to payg sessions - Stay and play Twin stay and play Rhyme time Messy play payg Family stay and play Glow stay and play Story massage * other one off specials at Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Unfortunately if you do not let us know before the 48 hours, we won't beable to refund or swap your session . As it takes time to readvertise and sell space and we also need time to ensure we have enough resources etc for each family. But as stated above, if you contact us with less than 48 hours notice, we understand that things come up and unforeseen circumstances can happen , so we are happy for you to offer the place to a friend. In these instances, we ask that you please let us know the person attending in your place , so that we can give them a warm welcome.
  • Can I bring an extra adult to class ?
    The den is a small space, and unless you have booked a family stay and play or twin stay and play. Or you need an extra adult for support. We would ask that only one parent/ carer attend per session. If we can accomodate and extra adult we will. Please contact us if this is the case.
  • What do I need to bring for messy play ?
    You will need : A towel spare clothes for baby ( possibly you!) wipes
  • My child has allergies , can they attend messy play?"
    Yes ! Please ensure you fill out the allergies and health conditions section in our booking forms and we will ensure your chid's allergies are catered for.
  • My child has been unwell or is a bit under the weather , can I bring them to class?"
    You know your child best. If your child is very unwell and could be contagious or pass on the illness to other children, we ask that you don't bring them to class. In this instance , if there is 48 hours notice , we will swap or refund the class ( see refunds) If you or your child is unwell and showing any symptoms of Covid , please do not attend class until you have done a LFT or PCR test.
  • What sessions do you run in the evening and weekends?
    Baby Bear's den is a community and family space with a focus on wellbeing and community. We have a range of amazing teachers using the space between 4pm and 9 pm every day and all weeked. Please see the timetable and links below for more information.
  • What is your Covid policy ?

Safety guidelines

  • Baby Bear will not ever diagnose a medical condition and you should always seek advice from a medical professional if you are concerned about you or your baby.

  • If your baby is unwell, it is best not to attend the class. If your baby is crying excessively and cannot be comforted, he/she may be ill. Never practice on a distressed baby, or if your baby is limp, pale, has a temperature, or any difficulties breathing. Please seek appropriate medical help.

  • Baby Bear recommends to leave 48 hours after your baby’s immunisations before massaging.

  • Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Massage Oil is provided and extra is available to buy during the class. This is the best oil for baby massage as it is taste free, smell free and 100% natural. It is also SLS free, parabens free, lanolin free and mineral oil free.

  • Patch tests are available on request as we do not allow other oils in the class.

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