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Bonus Content 

Extra videos and resources for you and your baby 

Welcome to our bonus page. 

Each week a new video or resource will be uploaded for you or your baby !

With a focus on self care, support and community. With videos and resources from other amazing teachers within the Baby Bear family. 

We hope you enjoy them. 

Singing mamas choir

Rachel - Holistic Harmonies 

Singing Mamas Choir, run by the wonderful Rachel is currently running a blended programme of online and in person sessions.

Are you looking for a way to look after your health and wellbeing while still looking after your children?

Are you wondering how you can have some 'me' time without having to find childcare?

Singing can boost our endorphins and our oxytocin and fill us with love and joy.  It can bring us back into the present moment and also provide us with a pocket full of songs to help us through our day...

Women of all ages are welcome, with or without children.

With this in mind Holistic Harmonies has decided to keep some singing sessions online and offer an option of 2 outdoor sessions in Liverpool.  This way we can cater for those who are still shielding or finding it tricky to get out, and those who just need to hear each others' voices now.


We are offering a 6 week class pass which will entitle you to join ANY of the sessions available.  So you could potentially join 5 sessions a week if that takes your fancy... you can also chop and change depending on your schedule and the weather!

3 Toy Colour play ideas

Download one of my play ideas to try at home with baby. 

Super easy with toys you will have at home! 

It is really important that our little one's learn how to manipulate lots of different objects, it helps their fine finger control and their ability to develop different grips like palmer grasp (where they use their whole hand) and pincer grip (where they hold smaller items between a finger and their thumb).

I'd  love you to choose  3 toys that are different textures and that your little one would hold differently and arrange an exploratory play session to help their fine finger control. You might choose a plush toy, a link, starlink, a music toy, a book, a block or a ball.

Let me know if you try

Love Elisa xxx

Bedtime baby massage 

Join Elisa on Monday 23rd November  6.30pm for 20 minutes of bedtime baby massage. The perfect way to end the day and add to your bedtime routine.

Sleeping Baby

Relaxation and EFT tapping 

This video is just for mums. 

A 30 minute  EFT tapping and guided relaxation video from my lovely mum! 

Karen teaches pilates at Wellbeing fitness and she too is passionate about self care, and supporting your mental health as well physical. 

Take some time for you with this video and let me know how you get on.

Music in Unison 

Tara from Music in Unison is a gifted musician running music classes from newborn to pre school age.

Music in Unison is dedicated to providing high quality music education which promotes the development of your child's musical potential.  

Tara has shared two amazing videos for you. 

Newborn music workshop and Babies to crawling age class. 

They are fabulous classes , I hope you enjoy them. 

To find out more about Tara's classes and how to join, click below .

to the new year.png

Tummy time workshop 


Join me for a  special workshop focusing on tummy time! 

With practical ways to support your baby, play along ideas and advice. 

You will need:

2 blankets / scarves of different colour/ texture

cushion ( tummy time roll if have one) 


baby book 

3 of babies favourite toys

Baby led weaning 

Rebecca from Selena's suppers has filmed a video about how do we know when baby is ready to be weaned! 

She's also added some recipe cards for you too. 

Rebecca runs Baby led weaning workshops at Baby Bear's Den and on zoom. 

She is fantastic and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her classes. 


Sleep expert live Q & A

Katie-Jane Crosbie is a baby & infant sleep consultant  and over the last 25 years, she has personally helped hundreds of families find a restful night’s sleep with her proven 4 month old to 6 year old, sleep training method, approach and routine.

Sleep deprivation can have an adverse affect on your home life, work life, relationships and general well-being, not to mention your child’s erratic sleep patterns can affect their day-time routine creating a vicious circle of family tiredness.

Join us for a live Q & A with Katie on Thursday 19th November 12.30pm if you can't join live feel free to email your questions over to ask Katie.


Post natal yoga and relaxation with Sharon 

Every Tuesday 8.45pm

Enjoy learning how to move the body mindfully, connect with your breathing and how to cultivate selfcare.

Each week relax, reduce anxiety and calm the mind with effective breathing techniques. Release tension and restore balance within the body

Yoga at Home

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