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Kangaroo care 

Kangaroo care also  called skin-to-skin contact, is a technique of newborn care where babies are kept chest-to-chest and skin-to-skin with a parent. 

Kangaroo care is a wonderful method to help you and baby cope with the fourth trimester and help baby adjust to the world outside the womb. This can be done simply by having skint to skin with baby , but using a sling or carrier is the easiest way . This also gives you free hands to make and drink a cup of tea too! 


Parents who use this method often say they find it a very satisfying way to nurture and bond with their baby. Many also report that their babies seem to love this method of care – perhaps because it reminds them of life inside the womb. It also has health benefits.  Babies may have longer sleep time in kangaroo care , it's found babies can have a quicker weight gain and also decrease in crying too. 

Kangaroo care helps parents bond with their babies and helps the babies have improved interactions with parents. This is a perfect way for dad to get involved in the early days too.


If you're thinking of buying a sling, I highly recommend contacting Lynsey from Mama sling.

She runs workshops on how to wear and use a sling and also runs a Sling library. 

She has offered all Baby Bear clients 5% off any product hired or bought from her. 

Link is below.  

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