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Baby massage for love ♡

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Life with a new baby can feel so overwhelming. Navigating your way in to new parenthood, finding a new normal. Taking time to recover, rest and still do all the life admin can be really tough.

Baby massage can be a wonderful way for both parents and families to connect and bond with baby. Taking 5 minutes of the day to create your own Love bubble.

♡ This will create oxytocin, the love hormone, which can help relax, rest and restore both you and baby.

♡ Skin to skin and touch helps you connect and bond with baby and will boost your love hormones too.

♡ Massage helps to get rid of wind from baby’s body.

♡ Baby massage gives you the opportunity to listen, observe and communicate with your baby.

Your baby ultimately needs your trust, love and respect to make him feel secure and comfortable outside the womb. as babies transitions from the fourth trimester.

This 5 minute video offers time for you to hold space for both you and your baby .

Join a class and meet our wonderful community of parents . All of our classes offer a supportive and safe environment for you and baby. Learn all the essential techniques and massage strokes to practice at home, plus our online classes so you can recap at a later date.

Click below, we'd love to welcome you ♡

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