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Baby Loss awareness week

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Trigger warning - talking about baby loss and miscarriage .

In my job, I have met over 2000 families , so many have been affected by baby loss and miscarriage. I have been too.

1 in 4 people in the UK experience pregnancy or baby loss. However, stigma and silence can often mean families feel isolated in their grief.

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place every year between 9 and 15 October and gives:

  • Bereaved parents, their family and friends the opportunity to unite with others globally to commemorate their baby's lives.

  • Those affected by baby loss, charities and other organisations the opportunity to raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss in the UK

  • Charities, supporters and other organisations the opportunity to drive improvements in the bereavement care and support available for those affected.

I am privileged to have met Louise a mum who attends our classes and is a volunteer at an amazing charity called SPACE. I'd like to say a big Thank you to Louise for providing the information for this Blog and her amazing work supporting other mums .


SPACE was created like many good things. Over coffee & conversation between friends…

And in fact, it was their mutual recurrent miscarriage and infertility stories that first brought Anna, Louise and Lizzie together.

But after being introduced by mutual friends, Anna, Louise and Lizzie quickly discovered what a gift it is to connect with others facing similar struggles.

They soon wondered if other women might feel the same… and before long, they created this SPACE.

It’s a SPACE to:

CONNECT: with others facing similar struggles

SHARE: our stories and experiences

SUPPORT: one another as a network of friends

GRIEVE: without any judgement or pressure

REMEMBER: the babies we have lost

ADVOCATE: work with services to campaign for better care

What SPACE do

SPACE hosts support groups & events throughout the year for those affected by experienced miscarriage, baby loss or infertility

  • Online sessions (Cuppa & Catch Up)

  • Q&As with guest speakers

  • Annual remembrance events

  • 1-2-1 meet ups

  • Occasional social events

Online cuppa and chat ?

A relaxed, informal space to connect with some of our team and other in this community, listen to guest speakers, ask questions and share advice.

WHEN: We usually met on the first Thursday of each month from 8-9.30pm (UK)

Use the link below or SPACE for the link.

Email us to get regular updates:

Baby Remembrance Event

The Honeysuckle Team at Liverpool Women’s Hospital is hosting a special remembrance service as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Date: Tuesday 11th October 2022

Where: St George’s Hall, St George’s Place, Liverpool, L1 1JJ

There will be two services held- the earlier service will be for all members of the family to attend, and the later service will be for adults only.

· Early service- doors open at 4:30pm, service will begin at 5:30pm.

· Later service- doors open at 7:15pm, service will begin at 8pm.

Please Note: names of all those being remembered will appear on a screen during both services. If you would like your baby/babies name to be screened please email before the 4th October to b

Wave of light

Tommy's hold an annual wave of light To honour and remember every little life lost, we stand together with hundreds of thousands of people around the world to light a candle at 7pm on Saturday 15 October.

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