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When navigating new motherhood In becoming a mum you may feel like you are sailing a stormy sea of emotions, that come and go like waves with highs and lows.

There may be moments of joy, delight and feelings of love, and there may also be moments of intense loneliness, sadness and fear.

Many mothers feel a sudden sense of responsibility for caring for their baby, which can trigger worry, moments of doubt and feelings of guilt for not living up to the standards of an ‘ideal mother’. You may be experiencing these and many other emotions through a fog of exhaustion.

Tiredness, broken sleep and changing hormones can all make these emotions more intense.

If you have struggled with your mental health before, you may find that these difficulties resurface.

All of these multi-coloured emotions may make you feel you have no control and question your confidence in yourself. 

Please speak to a health professional, friend, family member if you're not feeling ok. 

The wonderful perinatal mental health team at Liverpool women's hospital , have shared two wonderful pdf ( see above) , on becoming a mother. 

For more information on support and outside agencies please see page 11-13 on each pdf. 

PANDAS is an amazing agency that offer support for both mums and dads. Paternal mental health is much more recognised now, they offer support to both of you and is easily accessible.

Please read our blog posts, written by a couple who attended my classes and wanted to share their own mental health story.  

You are enough,

you are loved,

you've got this


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