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The importance of Posture 

Becoming a mum changes everything. For nine months, our bodies experiences huge change. We may suffer sickness, back and pelvic girdle pain and exhaustion.


Then we face recovering from childbirth and managing those first months with a new baby. Sleep deprivation, prolapse, struggles with breastfeeding, and having to constantly pick up/put down (if they let you) a baby takes a toll.


And that’s just the physical. Emotionally, we’re thrust into new territory where the societal expectations, judgments and pressures are impossible to ignore. We have entered the world of motherhood.

Abi Wright form She Stands, is a posture training specialist , she has recorded a video on posture trainings specifically for mums so you can feel at home in your bodies and be fully seen and heard.

Please have look at her website and the wonderful work she is doing for women and mums. 

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