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About Baby Bear !

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Welcome to Baby Bear !

My name is Elisa, I am the owner and class teacher of Baby Bear massage and Yoga !

It's been a very exciting few weeks for me, launching the business and teaching my first courses of baby massage and baby yoga.

I've been so excited , apprehensive and overwhelmed the last few days.

Meeting the wonderful mums and babies, has definitely put me at ease and having good feedback from my sessions has helped boost my confidence too.

Starting Baby bear was a big leap of faith and following my dream to support and work with mums and babies . A passion I have always had since training to be a teacher in 2002!

I left teaching (from the school I had taught at since I was a newly qualified teacher) to spend more time with my son. Also I had fallen out of love with my job. I truly believe you should make your passion your profession, then work doesn't feel like a job. But sadly, I had started to feel being at school wasn't for me anymore and I needed some time to re assess what I wanted to do.

Becoming a mum changed me in so many ways, all for the better .But juggling work, home, family and friends was becoming near impossible. I'm sure teachers reading this will understand! So I dug deep and really thought about what I wanted to do to make me feel excited about work again and truly feel fulfilled.

So Baby Bear was born. I have a passion for learning and teaching, but also supporting parents and children. I am lucky to work in NCT North Liverpool as a volunteer , supporting parents in our area through lots of activities. Also becoming a breast feeding support ambassador for Sefton. These roles helped shape my belief that teaching baby massage and baby yoga was my new career.

What better way to spend my days, than being with lovely families, babies and even getting a baby snuggle too.

Beyond that though, teaching my sessions is more than just teaching baby massage and baby yoga. I can offer support, create a supportive environment for other mums to be together. Teach sessions that are useful and beneficial, with tips for colic, wind, teething, constipation in babies. Teach the gift of nurturing , loving, touch to support bonding and attachment. All this with relaxation thrown in, a cup of tea, biscuit and a chat! I am doing my dream job.

So if you're reading this and have attended my classes, thank you for supporting me and keeping my dream alive. Giving me the chance to be a part of you and your babies journeys. I feel very privileged.

I'm really excited for the future of Baby Bear, but even more so, the happiness it has brought me and my family so far .

Baby bear has made me complete !

See you all soon.

Elisa xxx

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