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5 easy sensory bottles to make at home

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sensory play helps your baby explore the world around them while making important pathways in their brain. We love sensory bottles because they’re a mess-free way to spark your baby’s curiosity. Don’t forget to super glue the tops!

There are so many simple ways to make sensory bottles. Try using water and water beads, small animals, toys, buttons, beans, dried pasta or pom poms. Open up that craft or junk drawer: you’ve probably got the makings of a fascinating sensory bottle for your baby

Soap Foam bottle

You will need :

  • Bottle with a lid

  • Washing up liquid or coloured hand soap

  • Water

  • Glitter ( optional)

Fill a bottle ¾ full with water and add ¼ cup of dish soap. When you shake the bottle, foamy bubbles form. If your baby is patient, the bubbles will eventually disappear and they can shake the bottle again For a multi-sensory experience, squeeze a few drops of food coloring and pour a handful of glitter into the bottle.

Water and ice bottles

Fill two clear plastic bottles with water and freeze one of them. These sensory bottles are an early lesson in opposites and the properties of water. Your baby will be fascinated by the cold temperature of the frozen bottle and the movement of the water in the other. For a fun variation, try adding food coloring to one or both bottles.

Noisy bottle

You could use , pasta, rice, lentils, buttons or beads!

Simply add the items to your bottle to make a noisy shaker toy.

Having two bottles filled with two different materials can help babies explore different sounds.

Let them shake, roll and rattle the bottles to explore the shapes inside and sounds.

Ocean sensory bottle

You will need :

  • Bottle

  • baby oil

  • Blue food colouring

  • water

  • Superglue for the lid

Fill a bottle ⅔ with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring and top it off with baby oil and super glue the lid.

Show your baby how to roll it across the floor and watch the colors slosh around in the bottle—like a little tide rolling in !

Nature sensory bottle

Go on a nature walk with your baby to collect items like small sticks, dirt, pebbles, leaves, and flowers. Put them in a bottle, and when your baby shakes it, you can point out the sounds of the sticks, dirt, and other objects knocking into each other. Or you could fill the bottle with water to demonstrate what floats and what sinks.

Let me know if you try and of them! Please share any photos you have too! we'd love to see them.

Love Elisa x

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