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Autumn play blog

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

This month's play blog has lots of ideas for fine motor skill play and some messy and non messy play ideas too! Let us know if you try them!

🍁 Autumn Leaves Sensory Bag 🍁

Is there anything better than leaves changing colors in the autumn??

🍃🍂 Let your little explore the changing season with this easy sensory bag. Gather brightly colored leaves, acorns, or other natural items and put them in a large sized ziplock bag.

Fill the bag about two-thirds full with water, then tightly close the bag. If you get any leaks you can double bag or tape the seal. If you would like, you can tape the bag down to the floor so baby can’t pick it up.

This creates a sort of squishy bubble for baby to feel and observe. perfect for tummy time exploration or in the high chair too .

Pumpkin spice play dough!

Play dough is brilliant for fine motor skills. Pointing, poking and squeezing - pointing at something or poking play dough helps with individual finger strength and finger isolation, we need to be able to isolate and control individual fingers to help with tasks. poke play dough and squeeze it to strengthen their fingers and hands. Use your links or star links ( my favourite toys from class!) to make impressions in dough which is a great way to build strength and learn about force.

Recipe :

1 cup of of pumpkin purée ( Ella's kitchen sell it if you don't want to make it !)

1/2 cup of water

2 tablespoons of coconut oil {or other favourite oil}

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of cloves

1 teaspoon of nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon of ginger ( spices are optional but it smells amazing!)

orange gel food colouring

2 1/4 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

Add wet ingredients to a large pot and heat on the hob (stirring regularly) until just bubbling. Remove from heat and add in dry ingredients. Stir until combined and dump mixture out on the counter. Allow to cool for 5 or 10 minutes. Knead dough until soft and fully cooled (it may feel sticky in the beginning, but resist the urge to add flour – that stickiness vanished completely for us once the dough was no longer warm). Store in an airtight bag or container in the fridge when not in use.

🍁 Autumn leaf no mess painting 🍁

No mess painting is an amazing way to increase the textures

into play without the risk of paint going near a mouth.

It is an amazing tummy time activity and great for taping down to high

chair tables to give our sitting babies an opportunity to explore


Simply cut out a leaf pattern on a piece of card, add some autumn colour paints to a zip loc bag, make sure the bag is sealed and taped shut!

stick the card over the bag and to the floor or surface baby is playing on.

Let babies explore , squish, move, feel, play !

We hope you have lots of Autumn fun with our ideas. Please tag us if you try any of them.


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