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Summer play ideas for babies and toddlers to keep cool

We all love the sunshine and the summer heat is most welcome! But when you have little ones , trying to keep them cool and out of the sun can be really stressful .

I've put together some simple play ideas to do at home at little cost , but lots of fun!

Babies under 6 months are not good at regulating their body temperature so it's important to keep them as cool as possible. Dressing them in light clothes , maybe just a vest or even a nappy on the extra hot days!

Find a shady spot!

Creating a cool , shady play space if you have outside space is a must. Babies under 6 months aren't advised to wear SPF. Babies over 6 months are recommended to wear SPF 50 with UVA 4 or 5 stars.

I love these pop up tents, We had one for Teddy , we took it on holiday with us , but used it just as much in the garden too!

No getting wet, water play !

Water mats are a brilliant way to cool little ones down without even getting wet!

Simply fill the mat with icy cold water, ( Top tip add a drop of bleach so the water doesn't go mouldy !)

Suitable from newborn, these mats provide a cool and squishy play space for babies to explore. They are also a brilliant toy for tummy time too!

Splish splash

Water play is a great way to cool down! If you haven't got a paddling pool, the baby bath or washing up bowl will do the job too!

Fill with babies favourite toys, to float, scoop, push, pull and splash!

Have lots of fun!

Toy wash

If your little one is sitting or toddling, a toy wash can be a brilliant way to keep them cool whilst having lots of fun!

Simply fill the paddling pool, baby bath, or tuff tray ( what Teddy is playing with in the picture) with soapy water, add sponges, flannels, brushes and some toys.

You could use :

Cars, dolls, plastic toys, anything you want !

Ice play - Free the toys!

This activity was and still is, one of my favourites for toddlers.

Simply collect some plastic toys or characters ( I used some PJ Masks for this )

put them in a tupperware dish, add water and freeze overnight!

Give to your toddler with any equipment they can spray, brush, rub, hit with to free the characters from the ice. Teddy would play with this for 30 mins plus!

( TOP TIP adding salt to the water spray will make the ice melt quicker! )

Bubble play

We all love bubbles, playing with bubbles in the garden or outside, can be a wonderful sensory experience for little ones. For our toddlers a fun game to follow, track, catch, chase and pop the bubbles!

I love my bubble machine and get asked all the time where it's from - i'll link here

Let me know if you try any of these ideas with your little one!

Drop a comment below.

For more play ideas read our other play blogs or join us for a class. We would love to welcome you .

Love Elisa xxx

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