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Why are mum friends important?

When I started Baby Bear in 2018, a big factor in my decision making was the support i'd had during my maternity leave. I realised how important those friends I met at baby group became, how important they still are.

Before children we make friends at work, have childhood friends, your circle is likely filled with people who you met in different phases of life. But in the parenting stage of life, finding someone who can relate to what you're going through is so important— that's why mum friends are important to have.

"Motherhood is a huge life transition. As with other major life transitions, it is important to find support,"

At our classes we have witnessed, first hand, the power of support, community and friendship . Being able to talk about the hard times, exhaustion, sleep, teething, weaning, feeding and everything else! Having a safe space to feel heard, seen and supported is vital. You are around people who just "get it"

Motherhood can be really overwhelming, isolating and lonely. Finding friends that could provide support, and not judge or shame, is so important to a mother’s mental health and the overall health of her family.

The laughter and bonding that can happen between mums at our classes — especially mothers who are willing to be vulnerable with each other and authentic about what's hard, scary, funny about mothering — offers reassurance and often healing.

Having that support network, someone to share the good the bad and the ugly times with , really can make a huge impact on your motherhood journey.

Making new friends as an adult can be really daunting, especially when you've just had a baby , in one of your most vulnerable times of life.

Which is why at all our classes we offer time to chat before and class, without having to rush you off! We always give a hot drink and biscuit at the end of class. We love having baby cuddles, so we will always hold the baby for you , so you can finish a hot drink! We started our what's app groups during lockdown. They have a been a huge success, lots of support, sharing of top tips or baby stuff! Most importantly connections have been made. Friendships have flourished and lots of groups of mums who attended class with us, are still friends now.

This year, we started our Mummy socials and they have been such a wonderful success. Offering a time and place where parents can meet, in a safe , welcoming environment, where siblings are welcome too, has been fantastic.

They say it takes a village to raise a child - we're here for you to come and meet yours.

Love Elisa & Jennie xxx

* Thank you to all the Baby Bear mums who have let us share these gorgeous photos too.

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