Bath time play!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

10 Activities to Make Bath Time Great for Baby’s Body and Mind

Bath time can be so much fun for our babies . it isn't just to keep them clean and healthy. But did you know that this daily ritual is also packed with early development and learning opportunities? Here are 10 things you can do to make bath time fun and developmentally beneficial for your baby!

1. Bath time is great for multisensory exploration.

Water is one of the best learning tools for your baby to discover different senses. While most of babies day is spent snug and dry, bath time offers your baby a multitude of sensory stimuli to enjoy.

Playing with baby in the bath, try pointing out what baby is experiencing, such as feeling water’s liquid state and temperature, hearing water splish-splash with a slap, seeing its transparent and nearly colorless state, seeing things float up, and smelling the bubble bath.

2.Blowing bubbles for babies to watch and catch

Bubbles excite a curiosity in babies that makes them eager to investigate their world with their senses (sight and touch in this case, and sound if parents blow gently near their ears). Bubbles help babies develop an awareness of shape, form, and texture. I love the Munchkin bubble machine for the bath!

3.Glow stick bath!

Add Glow sticks to the water ( under adult supervision) creates a wonderful sensory light experience! Make sure babies don't try to chew them as they have glass inside .

I buy my glow sticks from Home Bargains for 59p a pack.

4.Disco light bath

Disco light for the bath! This with the glow sticks creates a light up spectacle and visual delight. Try playing some music to add to the fun too!

I love this light and toy. Teddy was bought it last Christmas and he thinks its hilarious.

It squirts out water, and flashes. I think it even plays a little song too!

5.Sponge play

Water play with sponges is a fantastic way to help your baby develop their fine motor skills. Learning to squeeze water from a sponge or water toy. Offer your baby a variety of sponges to squeeze and play with, but be sure to make them small enough for little hands to handle and use successfully. For a greater challenge, invite baby to aim and squeeze water into small cups as they increase small muscle strength and dexterity.

6.Singing !