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Easter sensory play ideas

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Here at Baby Bear, We love a theme! and Easter is one of our favourites. Read below for some easy play ideas to do with your little one over the Easter break.

Sensory tray

Creating a tray for babies to explore with an Easter theme, is a wonderful sensory experience.

Use items with different textures, colours and shapes to explore.

  • Plastic Easter eggs ( sellotaped together for smaller babies)

  • straw or shredded tissue paper

  • Plastic toys of different shapes and size to explore and hold differently

  • Brightly coloured material eg scarf, towel or blanket

  • Spoon, whisk or something to scoop

  • Any Easter themed toys !

Easter footprint craft

Painting your babies foot and creating a super cute keepsake craft , it is a lovely way to remember their first Easter.

Using non toxic child friendly paint, simply paint babies foot,

use a felt tip to draw on the features. We love using the paint pads at class we get them from here. * affiliate amazon link

Stick on a feather for the chick or a cotton wool ball for the bunny !

Easter treasure basket

These can be used for a range of ages, however they really come into their own when baby can sit independently (6 months plus) . Treasure baskets are perfect for babies and toddlers to explore.

Use a range of Easter themed books, toys and decorations in your baskets. Please ensure that the items you decide to use are safe for your baby to explore.

We have listed some of our favourites below !

Easter touch feely book - great for exploring textures, talking about Easter and just the right size for little hands to explore .

Easter eggs - Brilliant for little hands to hold, explore textures, colours. For our older ones a fun matching game, great for printing and using in playdoh too!

Carrot matching game For our 1 year old plus , this carrot sorting game is so much fun! Sort the carrots in to the right size hole , extend the play to order the carrots biggest to smallest. Lots of opportunities for imaginary play, language and exploration. Plus they wipe clean too!

Sensory bottles

I love sensory bottles! They are so simple to make and easy to change too.

They help babies explore objects that would otherwise be unsafe. Using the little chicks that are for sale over Easter, mini eggs, or even flowers and grass from the garden.

Below are some ideas to try using seasonal decorations.

Sensory bottles are great for babies from newborn. But babies from 3 months plus will get the most use from them as this is usually when they have the head and neck control to push up and reach out for objects.

Top tip ! Superglue the lids so little hands cant access what's inside.

As always supervise your little one during any play. Keep them in eye sight and arms reach at all times.

Let me know if you try any of these ideas

Love Elisa xxx

* please note the links above are amazon affiliate links.

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