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Exploratory play

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

As we are on lockdown and thinking of new ways to entertain our babies, I thought i'd send weekly play ideas with their benefits, so you can try at home! 

I'm passionate about developmental play, so i've included the benefits for baby with each idea. 

If you do try them, please tag me in your pictures or send me a picture. I'd love to see you and your little ones

Love Elisa 


This weeks ideas are for setting up a play space for your babies , using every day items you have at home and to encourage exploratory play. 

Often we do lots of adult led play with babies, which is wonderful, but from the age of 3-4 months , babies are becoming more familiar with the outside world and wanting to explore , putting things in their mouth, realising they have arms, legs, fingers and toes ! 

These sensory experiences are easy to create. With a main focus on touch! 

Firstly, think about textures.

Can you put down a blanket, towel or piece of fabric that feels different to the toys that you are going to use?  Maybe add a scarf or contrasting fabric to make it a two fabric play space?

Talk them through what they are looking at, explain it, tell them about colours, textures and sounds.

Next include 3 or 4 toys for our littlest babies and double that for our older ones. Again think about textures, try and pop in toys of differing textures so your little one is experiencing and interpreting lots of different input through their skin.

Think about how your little one will hold the toy, can you look for a toy that is bigger and one that is smaller? Can you add a single colour toy and one that is more colourful?

Do you have a toy with a noise that sounds different to another toy in your playspace? Is there toys that would feel different baby puts it in their mouth? Is there a book you could add? 

There are so many benefits including increasing

concentration, enabling choice, balancing their sensory experiences, being able to help them integrate their senses, improve muscle control and help their communication skills.

These activities are suggestions of how to engage your baby in play. They need to be carried out with adult supervision and you taking full responsibility for your baby during play. Please ensure that your little one is supervised with the toy at all times. Keep your little one in arms reach and eye sight when they are playing.

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