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Fidget wall

Updated: Apr 3, 2021


Last Christmas we made Teddy this fidget board .

It cost about £40 to make and he still plays with it now.

You can buy these online, but they cost a lot more. If you are handy or have someone who can help, this is a brilliant idea for a Christmas or birthday present.

You will need

✨a large piece of mdf

✨chalkboard paint @homebase_uk

✨magnetic whiteboard @amazon

✨handles, doorbell, switches, door knocker @homebase_uk

✨ chalk pens @amazon

✨green containers @homebargains

✨magnetic letters and numbers @ebay_uk

We painted the mdf with chalkboard paint. We had to rout out part of the board to fit the handles, light switches ( some work as does the door bell 🙈)

We superglued the magnetic whiteboard on and screwed the green pots , which hold chalk, crayons, magnets.

I decorated the edges using chalk pens! What do you think? 😍🐻

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