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Funky Finger activities

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Funky Finger activities help to strengthen the muscles in the hands and fingers, getting children ready to write.

Here are 2 age appropriate activities that are super easy to set up at home.

Baby (from approx 4/5 months. Also suitable for toddlers):

Release the toys. Tape down some toy animals on a plastic tray or on a high chair tray. Encourage your baby to peel the tape from the tray and release the animals.

Teaching perseverance, hand-eye coordination and strengthening muscles. A great tummy time activity too.

Toddler: Tongs and Tweezers.

Scrunching up some tin foil or using pom poms/cotton wool balls, encourage your toddler to attempt to pick them up one at a time and place then in the basket - you could use a muffin tray too.

Start by using their fingers and move onto a pair of kitchen tongs or tweezers.

Builds resilience, improved hand-eye coordination and strengthens muscles.

Happy playing

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