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How to support you baby to crawl

Is your baby starting to show signs of wanting to get on the move?

I've created a short video with ideas and tips to support your baby to crawl.

Top tips:

Tummy time!

Doing tummy time little and often from newborn, will help babies grow in strength. Developing their vestibular system, head and neck control and support the muscles needed to starting pushing, pulling, reaching and grabbing.

The skills needed to start crawling.

See my how to do tummy time blog for lots of ideas to do at home.

Play time!

Playing with your baby, getting down on on the floor, giving them lots of eye contact, babbling with them and singing, will really encourage them to start interacting with you and moving too!

Lots of ideas for how to play with your baby on our play blogs

At all our classes we teach lots of tips and skills on how to help your baby reach their developmental milestones.

For more information or to book a session with us click below.

We'd love to welcome you .

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