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No mess painting

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I love mess free painting! mainly because there is no mess, but also it's brilliant activity for all ages.

You'll need:

* Card

* Ziplcok bag

* tape

* paint

Simply pop the card in a ziplock bag and squeeze small amount of paint onto the card, any colour , I like using glitter paint too!

Secure the bag and tape down if necessary to ensure that the paint stays securely away from your baby

Pop the bag down on a safe surface and encourage your little one to hold, touch and move the paint around, let them explore the different texture in their hands.

For our youngest ones tummy time is an amazing way to do this and for our older ones sitting to paint, tummy time or taping the bag to their high chair works well.

Once the design is covered in paint, carefully cut the bag down the sides and remove the painting, pop it on some paper and leave out to dry. Baby's first piece of artwork

For our older babies and our toddlers, you can make it a messier activity by finger painting, hand painting and using brushes or cotton pads to transfer the paint (amazing for introducing extra textures) It is a great activity to get siblings involved with too!

I hope you enjoy, do let me know if you try it!

Elisa xxx

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