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Rainbow play ideas

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Have a look round the house , look for your single colour or rainbow inspired toys to create a rainbow play space for your baby.

Start with a base fabric then pop on a fabric which is a different texture and colour. Dig out any single colour toys, fabrics, music toys, books or props that you have to create an interesting multi texture playspace.

Rainbow music toys

Colourful music toys are really engaging for our little ones. The toys that you are able see through are brilliant and even the tinest babies can enjoy watching the beads or bubbles move around in a rainmaker, shaker or a sensory bottle.

I've added some pictures of some of my favourite music toys that would compliment a lovely rainbow theme. It is really easy to create your own sensory bottle like ours above by taking an empty and dry bottle and filling it with beads, water beads, lentils, rice and peas or colourful paper

Rainbow ball pool

Rainbow ball pools are a great way of introducing texture, visual development, with the balls each being single colour, and an amazing opportunity for baby to work on motor skills.

My favourite ball pools are pop up ones, that easily pack away and inflatable ones which can double as a little texture tub or paddling pool.

When popping the balls in make sure that you have just one layer of balls in the ball pool so your baby is still getting lots of information from the floor about where their body's are in space.

Too many balls can be overwhelming and as your little one is 'suspended' they are getting confusing signals from their muscles and joints about where their body is in space which can be difficult for them to manage. This is suitable for lying, tummy time and sitting and it is also a great opportunity to add additional textures into the pool.

( Cleaning hack! balls can go in the washing machine on a 30C quick wash )

Let me know if you try any of our rainbow activities, I'd love to hear from you .


Elisa x

Safety first - These activities are suggestions of how to engage your baby in play. They need to be carried out with adult supervision and you taking full responsibility for your baby during play. Please ensure that your baby is supervised at all times. Keep your little one in arms reach and eye sight when they are playing.

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