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Rainbow Ribbons

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Two texture toys, like rainbow ribbons, are amazing for our little ones.

They are great to hold and a great way to ensure that our babys are experiencing two textures at the same time. Such a lovely sensory experience for babies.

Ribbon toys are amazing and you can buy ready made ones ( I sell them) or make your own using smooth wooden rings (wooden curtain rings with metal screw removed, wooden teething rings or napkin rings) and ribbons looped on if you are creative.

You can also use a link toy (I love bright starts lot of links) and loop a chiffon on.

Here are some activities to try.

* Try and get your little one to track- you could sing the rainbow song as you move the ribbon from side to side.

* Encourage babies to shake the ribbon

* Practice their hand-eye coordination- holding the ribbon from one side of thier eye line to the other, reaching, grabbing and pulling the ribbons.

* Encourage babies to balance and to feel the ribbons in one hand and the hoop in the other.

I hope you enjoy these ideas to play!

Elisa xxx

Never leave them unattended with a ribbon toy.

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