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Sensory bags for babies, toddlers and beyond

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I love sensory bags!

Great for babies toddlers and beyond. I recently made one for Teddy with foam letters in so he could practice spelling his name!

These bags are great for :

  • Sensory play activities, inviting your child to explore the feel of the gel bag, and to look for all the extra ‘ingredients’ inside

  • children who don’t like to get their hands dirty, as they are able to enjoy the sensory experience without getting any of the materials on their hands

  • parents or children who don’t like mess, as all the ingredients are held within the plastic bag!

You will need :

  • Tub of hair gel

  • strong plastic food bag - sealable!

  • glitter, confetti , shapes or any object to put in!

Your bag needs to be strong enough to withstand handling by your child, so make sure you use something substantial. You can double up, with one bag inside another, and you can add extra tape around all four sides to secure it.

Fill the bag with some of the hair gel. You don’t need very much gel, just enough so it can spread it out in a thin layer and fill the bag.

The gel-filled bag alone is great for sensory play, as it has an interesting texture for your child to explore, but there are many other ingredients you can include to offer different sensory experiences.

You could add in some glitter :: foil shapes such, as hearts or stars :: small toys :: pasta shapes :: rice :: drinking straws, cut into small pieces :: googly eyes :: foam sheets cut into shapes, letters or numbers :: pom poms :: lentils anything you like!

These would be great for tummy time, used in the highchair at meal times too!

Let me know if you try them.

Love Elisa xxx

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