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Spider sensory box

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Creating a spider's web in a box, basket or container is a great way to engage your baby's motor planning skills.

You'll need

  • a basket

  • contrast colour ribbon or wool

  • small toys of different texture baby can reach and grab

Start by looping thick ribbon or wool around a white basket, looks like a spider web , to create a contrast that our little one could see in focus .

Adding a few crosses of ribbon makes the activity easier while looping lots of ribbon creates a more complex pattern and it is a great idea to start easier and increase the ribbon over time.

Pop some small toys in the basket and encourage your little one to move the toys round to get them out of the basket.

You can use different textures and increase the toy size as they get more practice. You've got a vehicle for some deeply engrossing coordination practice and babies first real agility test. It's one thing trying to slip your hand through to reach a toy at the bottom of the basket, another altogether trying to maneuver the toy out. But, baby will get it and get better with every attempt

This is amazing for their hand to eye coordination and motor planning skills.

This activity can be done from tummy time by popping the basket on it's side, sitting and popping on a sofa or chair surface to encourage standing.

Practice often, repetition is amazing for brain and motor skills development!

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