Texture and fine motor skill play ideas

Updated: Jan 10

During all my classes I try to teach lots of ways to play with your baby. One of my favourites is finger control activities!

It is really important that babies learn how to manipulate lots of different objects, it helps their fine finger control and their ability to develop different grips like palmer grasp (where they use their whole hand) and pincer grip (where they hold smaller items between a finger and their thumb).

Choose 4 or 5 toys that are different textures and that your little one would hold differently and arrange an exploratory play session to help their fine finger control. You might choose a plush toy, a link, starlink, a music toy, a book, a block or a ball.

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For non mobile babies open their little hands up and let them feel around corners, lie them on their side so both hands come together to play.

Babies who can sit up , place the toy in front of them, so they can use both hands to manipulate bigger objects and single hands for smaller items. Make sure they get an opportunity to use both hands.

Let me know if you try it. I'd love to see any pictures .


Elisa xxx

Safety first -

These activities are suggestions of how to engage your baby in play. They need to be carried out with adult supervision and you taking full responsibility for your baby during play. Please ensure that your little one is supervised with the toy at all times. Keep your little one in arms reach and eye sight when they are playing.

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