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Two texture toys!

I love two textured toys! we use them a lot at our classes, but they are super easy to make at home.

Two textured toys are a great way to increase your baby's opportunity to process textures through their touch receptors. It is also a great way to get your little one to

experience a different texture in each of their hands at the same


Baby's brains are expecting both of their hands to feel the same texture at the same time, so giving them lots of opportunities to feel different textures in each hand is really wonderful.

You can simply create a two texture toy by using a sensory scarf and a

link .

Both are brilliant for fine finger control, motor planning skills and hand to eye co-ordination too. Tie your scarf around a link and give your baby the chiffon in one

hand and the link in the other. Tying ribbons or other textures on the links would be brilliant too.

Use a sensory scarf and pop it in an oball. Your baby will be amazed!

A fantastic way for an older baby and toddlers to develop finger isolation and pincer grip as they poke and pull to get the chiffon out of the ball.

Safety first

Safety first - These activities are suggestions of how to engage your baby in play. They need to be carried out with adult supervision and you taking full responsibility for your baby during play. Please ensure that your little one is supervised with the toy at all times. Keep your little one in arms reach and eye sight when they are playing.

Let me know if you try this activity, I'd love to hear about your play ideas at home.

Love Elisa x

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